How to Sell B2B Wholesale Food and Beverage Products on AgBASE


The 2014 Agricultural Marketplace Seller’s

Field Guide to Global B2B Online Sales


Step-By-Step Instructions to Optimize Your Marketplace Profits

Learn the steps you can use to gain a 360-deree view of the online wholesale global food and related agricultural products marketplace

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Buyers Guide:



The 2014 Agricultural Marketplace Seller’s

Field Guide to Global B2B Online Sales


Sell Business-to-Business Online with AgBASE Where You can Reach

Thousands of Wholesale Food and Beverage Buyers World-Wide

Agricultural business marketer’s world-wide can list and sell their products on AgBASE



  • Pay No Listing Fees Through June 30, 2014.
  • Upload Directly Your Product Sales Inventory to Our Virtual Shelves.
  • Ship Directly Products Customers Purchase from Your Business
  • Get Paid quickly under Sales Contract Agreements
  • Growers, Producers and Value-Added Resellers Welcome
  • International Sales Welcomed and Processed
  • Small Transaction Fee on Sales







Four Basic Steps to Reach Thousands of AgBASE B2B Customers

--Domestic and International Wholesale Sales --


  1. Sign up for Sales Plan.  Open your personal business account at
  1. Upload Directly Online Your Product Inventory.  Add description, picture and sales configuration of sales product.
  1. Ship Products Customers Purchase.  The AgBASE Team will contact you when items sell, provide contract agreements, and arrange fulfillment. action.
  1. Get Paid.  AgBASE settles your account and electronically transfers funds to your bank account within 1 and 14 days after shipment.  Swift Accounts transfers used on international sales.






Step 1.      

  • Open your personal business account at
  • Opening account provides you 24 hour direct listing service.
  • Decide what you want to sell from the AgBASE “listing tree.”
  • Locate your sale item in “B2B Marketplace”
  • Within your account select category listing (18) of item to sell.
  • Then get more specific with hundreds of subcategory options.
  • Finally select your sale item from thousands of sub-subcategory listing options.
  • If your items sale item is not shown “Contact Us” for providing your specific listing.

Step 2.

  • Once your item is identified in the AgBASE account system, construct a personal advertisement.
  • See sample advertisement for fresh apples at
  • Under “Actions” in right column of sale page, click on “Add Product.”
  • If your product is already available on AgBASE – No Problem!  Just add on your sales information:
  • Identify your business name in the blank; Click Search, Click on registered business name link.
  • On New Product page:
  • Enter Product Name (as will appear in advertisement  header).
  • Enter a Description of Product (Please less than 100 characters).
  • Click Save.
  • Enter new product screen; Click on “Add Picture;” 200 x 200 pixel size is preferable.
  • Click on “Add a Sales Configuration;” Enter requested data; Price in USD.
  • Leave “Sales Configuration” bank, sale will revert to a quote by AgBASE.

Step 3.

  • Please send message by “Contact Us” if encountering any unusual circumstance.


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